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Grablr transforms your food and beverage program, making it more efficient and compliant with COVID-19 public health and safety guidelines.


1. Social Distancing
  • Instruct customers to download Grablr from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

  • Allow location services and notifications when prompted.

  • Customers order independently, eliminating long lines and congregating crowds. 

2. Cashless Operation
  • Our app comes with payment processing built-in.

  • Accept all major credit cards with daily payouts.

  • Eliminate the spread of germs from handling cash and potential theft from transactions.

3. Tamper-Free Seals
  • We secure all takeout boxes and bags with tamper-free seals.

  • Utensils, napkins and condiments are available in separate packaged bags.

  • Deliver an added peace of mind for customers.

4. Traffic Management
  • The Grablr Runner app controls how many customers are notified to pick up orders at a time.

  • A designated pick up area is setup to control foot traffic.

  • Grablr helps increase business for food vendors, while serving large crowds in an efficient manner.

5. Contract Tracing
  • We provide complete audit trails to track all interactions.

  • Trace every order that is delivered, picked up, by who, and when the action took place.

  • Grablr improves compliance with COVID-19 public health and safety guidelines, while delivering a peace of mind.



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